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SRNS Employee Internships

Minority Serving Institution Partnership Program Internships


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Internship and Research Participant Programs

SRNL Office of Science, Workforce Development for Teachers and Scientists Internships

SULI Program Description

The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI) program encourages undergraduates from two- and four-year colleges to pursue STEM careers by providing research internships at one of 16 DOE National Laboratories.

Applications are solicited annually for three separate internship terms. Internships are 10 weeks during the summer term (May through August) or 16 weeks during the fall (August through December) and spring (January through May) terms.

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The SULI program is sponsored and managed by the DOE Office of Science's Office of Workforce Development for Teachers and Scientists (WDTS) in collaboration with the DOE National Laboratories.To apply to SULI Internships visit:

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CCI Program Description

The Community College Internship (CCI) program seeks to encourage community college students to enter technical careers relevant to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) mission by providing 10-week internships at one of 15 DOE laboratories.

Under the guidance of laboratory staff scientists or engineers, SRNL CCI interns work on chemical/radiological technology and instrumentation projects in SRNL research laboratory facilities supporting DOE's ongoing research and development programs.

The CCI program is sponsored and managed by the DOE Office of Science's Office of Workforce Development for Teachers and Scientists (WDTS) in collaboration with the DOE National Laboratories. Applications for the CCI program are solicited annually for the 10-week summer term. CCI internships may also be offered during the fall and spring terms. The fall and spring terms also offer a 16-week flexible schedule option. To apply to CCI Internships visit:


Research intern conducting environmental survey at SRS

Graduate Student Research (SCGSR)

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science Graduate Student Research (SCGSR) program prepares doctoral students for career success in areas supporting the Office of Science's mission: to deliver scientific discoveries and tools that transform our understanding of nature, and to advance the country's energy, economic, and national security, and Savannah River National Laboratory's missions of Environmental Management, National and Homeland Security, and Energy Security.

The SCGSR program is sponsored by the Office of Workforce Development for Teachers and Scientists and selected candidates can spend three to 12 consecutive months performing research towards their theses at a DOE laboratory or facility in collaboration with a DOE researcher. For detailed SCGSR program information visit:

Selecting Research Areas for Collaboration
SRNL's directorates for research and development include: National Security, Environmental, Materials and Energy Sciences, Nuclear Materials Management. and supporting directorates in Digital Transformation and Science and Technology. Interested SCGSR candidates should visit the main SRNL web page at to review potential areas focus for SCGSR appointments and research. We also encourage candidates to contact their faculty and determine if there are ongoing collaborations and contacts with SRNL that could facilitate identifying specific SRNL researchers to work with for the SCGSR candidates.

We encourage you to look at SRNL's website to learn more about the Lab and any research projects that you would find interesting. You may view the Lab's various scientific Directorates via the main web page.

Contacting SRNL Researchers
Once you identify a researcher whose research matches your area of study, contact that person to see if he or she is interested in hosting an SCGSR participant. (You may also call (803) 725-6211 to obtain the person's phone number via the site operator.) This is the best way to contact and interact with our research staff determine if an SCGSR appointment can be established with their organization.

Ask the researcher to contact Valarie Preddy, SRNL Internship Program Lead at, to confirm that an SCGSR appointment is being discussed. Feel free to email information about projects or research areas of interest, and Innovation and University Engagement may be able to assist in contacting appropriate researchers on your behalf. Researchers are very busy, so we appreciate your patience as you work to connect with them. After a researcher has expressed an interest in working with you, follow the application process detailed at the SCGSR web page.

Initiative is a very desirable quality in candidates for our programs; demonstrating initiative and your passion for science is likely to make a positive impact on our scientific staff. Connecting with a scientist and discussing your passion, acumen, and any collaborative opportunities via an SRNL internship or research appointment is the best avenue to a successful placement. In your application, please speak to your passion for science and how it relates to some of the research we do at SRNL. This is helpful when mentors are considering applicants. Note: Lab experience is not required for acceptance into the program.

The SCGSR program is sponsored and managed by the Office of Science's Office of Workforce Development for Teachers and Scientists (WDTS). Visit the DOE's SCGSR site for more information on the program and how to apply. Please visit the SULI, CCI, SCGSR and VFP websites via the links provided above for more detailed applicant requirements and program participant obligations.

Visiting Faculty Program Description

The Visiting Faculty Program (VFP), formerly called Faculty and Student Teams (FaST), seeks to increase the research competitiveness of faculty members and their students at institutions historically underrepresented in the research community in order to expand the workforce vital to the Department of Energy (DOE) mission areas. As part of the program, selected university/college faculty members collaborate with DOE laboratory research staff on a research project of mutual interest. Faculty member participants may invite up to two students (one of which may be a graduate student) to participate in the research project.

The Visiting Faculty Program is sponsored and managed by the DOE Office of Science's Office of Workforce Development for Teachers and Scientists (WDTS) in collaboration with the DOE laboratories. For VFP information please visit:

Applications for the VFP are solicited annually for appointments to the Summer Term (May through August), which is 10 weeks in duration. Each of the 15 participating DOE laboratories offer different research opportunities (not all laboratories participate) and interested faculty members are encouraged to contact DOE laboratory scientists in advance to discuss research projects of mutual interest. Student participation is optional.

All VFP faculty applicants must submit at the time of application a research project proposal co-developed with the collaborating research staff located at the host DOE laboratory. Proposal guidance and requirements can be found at

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Housing Information for SRNL Interns

If You've Received an SRNL Internship or Research Participant Job Offer…


We are happy that you will be joining us at Savannah River National Laboratory. Here are some things you need to know.

Participants (interns and research participants) are expected to attend the entire internship or research program. If you cannot attend from start to finish or need to take time out of the program, please discuss this with your mentor. In most cases, you should decline the offer if you cannot complete the full program.

SRNL does offer a "late start" date for participants who can't start on the first day due to academic reasons. This later date is only for participants whose school's term ends later than the beginning of the program. Your initial training and orientation dates will be included in a confirmation letter after you accept the job offer.

Intern and research participant housing is available via several options, including the University of South Carolina- Aiken dormitory housing, apartment rentals and Air B&B homes. Interns are responsible for contacting their housing of choice and making all arrangements to cover housing during the full term of the research internship.

Dormitory Housing at the University of South Carolina-Aiken Campus
Most students choose to stay at the student dormitories at the University of South Carolina- Aiken campus, which is approximately 20-25 minutes from SRNL. Housing at the dormitories is available from mid-May through the end of July. Interns staying past July must select additional housing options to cover their last internship days at SRNL after dorm housing closes for the summer. Please visit the dormitory web site for exact housing availability dates and pricing at: www.usca.ed/housing

Apartment/Home Rentals
Many interns and research participants choose to live in apartments which can be found through various sites such and Craigslist. If you are looking to sublet a private apartment or room in a house, this is an option for finding one. The closest cities to search for housing are Aiken, SC, North Augusta, SC and Augusta, GA.
Airbnb, Inc. (US)

Interns and research participants must have their own transportation to and from SRNL. Public transportation is not available. Many interns do choose to carpool after they arrive and connect with other interns.

Accepting WDTS Offers
VFP, SULI and CCI awardees must ACCEPT offers via the WDTS online system. You have 10 calendar days to decide whether to accept or decline the internship or research offer. To accept or decline this offer, please log into your status page and make your selection: . Please note that if you choose to decline the offer, you will not receive additional offers from other national laboratories for the current term.

The number of days remaining to make this decision will be listed on your status page.

Upon acceptance of your offer, awardees will receive communications from SRNL on housing, payroll, travel and other administrative information for the internship or research position. For more information contact:

Valarie H. Preddy
SRNL Internship Program Lead or


Working in one of the many laboratories at SRNL
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