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Alpha/Beta Radiation Shielding Materials

Carbon Quantum Dots and a Method of Making the Same

Controlled Release of Hydrogen Isotopes from Composite Nanomaterials

Conversion of Biomass by Efficient Base-Catalyzed Decarboxylation Reaction

Decontamination of Tritiated Water

Development of a Passivated Stainless Steel Surface

Graphene/Graphite-Based Filament for Thermal Ionization

High Accuracy Absorbance Spectrophotometers

High Speed Spectroscopy Using Temporal Positioned Optical Fibers with an Optical Scanner Mirror

Hybrid Compressed Air/Water Energy Storage System and Method


Mechanochemical Solid/Liquid Reaction in Formation of Alane

Method of Manufacturing a 3D Carbon Structure

Method to Scale Up Water Isotope Separation Process Using 2-D Membrane

Non-contact Monitoring of Biofilms and Corrosion on Submerged Surfaces

Non-Platinum Group Oxygen Reduction Reaction Catalysts

Organic Radio-chromic Compounds and Radiation Sensing Systems

Recovery of Tritium from a Molten Lithium Blanket

Residue Handling Minimization with Vacuum-Assisted Separations

System and Methods for Detecting High-Energy Photons

Environmental Stewardship

Degradation-Resistant In-Field Environmental Sampling Device

Mercury Speciation using a Reactive Diffusive Gradient
Sampler - rDGS

Reductive Precipitation for Technetium Removal from Salt Waste

Modular (Adaptable) Electrostatic Particle Collector (ESP)

Delivery or Removal of Metals From Biological Systems


Use of Titanium-Based Materials as Bactericides

BioTiger™: Biological Enhancement of Hydrocarbon Extraction

Vapor Phase Elemental Sulfur Amendment for Sequestering Mercury in Contaminated Soil

Dissolution Actuated Valve Sampler

VZCOMML©, Version 4.0


NAPL Calculator



In Situ Generation of Oxygen-Releasing Metal Peroxides

Groundwater and Wastewater Remediation Using Agricultural Oils

Microwave Off-Gas Treatment System

Microbial Based Chlorinated Ethene Destruction

Environmental Biocatalyst - BioTiger™

Elemental Mercury Probe

National Security

Latest Thermal Cycling Absorption Process (TCAP)

Photonic Crystal Scintillator

Tamper Indicating Bolt

H2O Cooling Towers as Environmental Collection Systems

RadRope™ Portable Nuclear Material Detection System

Aerosol-to-Liquid Particle Extraction System (ALPES)

Boron-Structured Nano-Proportional Counters

Science and Technology

Egress Door Opening Assister

Water Tree Detection Method: Leading/Lagging Cable Referencing Platform for Monitoring the Health of Underground Cable Networks

Replaceable Ultrasonic Thickness/Mass Loss Measurement Coupon

Automated Electrochemical Technique to Monitor Energy Levels of Microorganisms Used in Biotechnology Industries

Autonomously Powered Inductively Coupled Time Domain Reflectometer

Agile Task Tracking Tool (A3T©)

Graphite Removal from Complex Metal Surfaces

Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing): Selectively Printed Conductive Pathways

Method of Trapping Zinc Vapor by Using Zinc Getter Materials

Bow-like Expandable In-tank Heat Exchanger Unit

Determining Solute Distribution Coefficient with a Hybrid Raman Sensor-Ion Exchanged Material

Reinforced Radiological Containment Bag

Apparatus for SERS Analysis of Gases

SILDA (Stepped Integral Liner Drum Assembly)

Additive Manufacturing Unique Serialization

Modification of Solid State CdZnTe (CZT) Radiation Detectors with a High Sensitivity or High Resolution Operation

Portable Rapid Tritium Analysis System (PoRTAS)

ProTec Tearoffs™ Protective Barriers

'Tin Whiskers' Suppression Method

Authenticated Sensor Interface Device

Portable Breech Lock for Gloveboxes

Haptic Seat for Improved Fuel Economy

Passive High-Temperature Sealing Device

Railcar Switchman Platform

Orangutank™ (The Pipe Traveler)

Human Factors Engineering Analysis Tool

Pella Drum Opener

Self-Targeting Ultrasonic Liquid Level Probe

Double Coil Condenser Apparatus

Hybrid Microwave Energy

IDEAS Program (Individuals Developing Effective Alternative Solutions)

SoundAnchor™ Nondestructive Testing Method

Acoustic Door Latch Detector (Smart Latch™)

InviziMark: Concealed Identification System

Magnetic Release Coupling

Remote Electrical Throw Device

Secure Energy Manufacturing

Integrated Onboard Vehicle Natural Gas Storage Heating and Cooling System

Innovative Heat Transfer Device for Prefabricated Pressure Vessels

High Performance Metal Hydride Based Thermal Energy Storage Systems for Solar Power

FILMS: Fullerenes Improved with Light Modification for Superconductivity


Sulfur Accumulation Prevention In Membrane Electrode Assembly

Solid Oxide Reduction for Treatment and Recovery of Key Elements from Used Nuclear Fuel and Rare Earth Ore Deposits

Biomass and Coal into Liquid Fuel with CO2 Capture


High Capacity Hydrogen Storage Nanocomposite

Highly Dispersed Metal Catalyst

Nanocrystalline Separation Membrane for Improved Hydrogen Flux

Nanoparticle-Enhanced Ionic Liquids (NEILs)

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