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Tritium Stewardship


Nuclear Materials Recovery

Homeland Security

Forensics/Law Enforcement

Atmospheric Technologies



Science and Innovation

National Security - Nuclear Materials Recovery

  • Deployable Capability for Characterization, Stabilization, and Packaging of any Radiological and Fissile Material
  • Spent Nuclear Fuel Recovery / Repatriation of Highly Enriched Uranium Spent Nuclear Fuel
  • Consultation on Fissile Materials Management
  • SRNL is a key member for the NNSA Global Threat Reduction Initiative team
  • U.S. Origin and Russian Origin Foreign Research Reactor Spent Fuel return program
  • Lead for Global Plutonium Recovery Initiatives

International Partnerships

Canadian Highly Enriched Uranium Repatriation

  • Preparations to Receive 1000 Research Reactor Fuel Assemblies
  • Highly Enriched Uranium Liquid Receipt and Processing Preparations

Canadian D&D Technology Support

  • EM/AECL Agreement on Technical Support Cooperation
  • SRNL initial meetings to discuss D&D Technologies

Fukushima Recovery Technologies

  • SRNL US Embassy Science Fellow Deployed to Japan
  • Environmental Stewardship directorate Teaming with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory on Technology Development

Gas Cooled Reactor Pebble Bed Fuel Disposition R&D

  • SRNL investigating Methods for Uranium Recovery
  • Potential to Scale up for H-Canyon Processing
    (no commitment at this time)

Global Threat Reduction Initiative – Gap Plutonium


  • First Global Threat Reduction Initiative Pu receipt in 2012 (3kg)
  • SRNL Developed Packaging and Glovebox Designs

Italy & Belgium

  • Next two Global Threat Reduction Initiative Pu receipts expected in late 2013/early 2014
  • SRNL Developing new International Drum License


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