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Forensics/Law Enforcement

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National Security - Forensics/Law Enforcement

In 2006, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and SRNL announced the opening of a new laboratory and office suite for the forensic examination of radiological material and associated evidence, located at SRNL. In 2010, the FBI and SRNL celebrated the opening of a six-fold expansion of the facility. These laboratory facilities provide the FBI with a flexible radiological containment laboratory where experts can safely conduct forensic examinations on items of evidence associated with radiological material. The facilities represent a significant forensic partnership between the FBI and SRNL. The FBI and SRNL have a longstanding partnership to provide law enforcement with the ability to conduct investigations that involve radioactive materials. SRNL conducted several years of development to adapt FBI forensic protocols for application in radiological labs. SRNL also provides radiological crime scene training to FBI agents from around the country who are members of the FBI’s Hazardous Materials Response Teams and provides training for the FBI Laboratory’s Hazardous Evidence Analysis Team.

SRNL is the FBI “Hub Lab” for Pre-Det Forensics

  • REEF: Traditional forensics of Rad/Nuc contaminated items
  • Evidence Collection/Transportation
  • Training and Equipment
  • Casework

Nuclear Forensics R&D

  • Rapid Post Det Analysis
  • Pre Det Materials Capability Development
  • Research Reactor Fuels
  • Timelines/Databases
  • Modeling Fuel Cycle Processes to Predict Signatures

Health Physics Instrument Calibration Laboratory
At SRNL, the Savannah River Site Calibration Laboratory is one of the most advanced radiation calibration laboratory and test facilities in the country.  SRNL provides instrument test and evaluation services, exercises, calibration and repair, calibration services for tritium monitoring equipment, and radiological instrument qualification and testing.  This unique service is available to government agencies, the US Military and commercial organizations. 
The SRS Calibration Laboratory:

  • Federally approved for radiation protection and instrument calibration
  • Physical and information security are integral parts of operations
  • Comprehensive capabilities for instrumentation performance testing, calibration, and maintenance
  • First Department of Energy laboratory to be accredited by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) as a Calibration Laboratory for Ionizing Radiation
  • Weapons-grade plutonium, reactor-grade plutonium, and enriched uranium source work capabilities.

SRNL staff is highly-trained, knowledgeable, and has an exemplary safety record.  They have participated in such projects as Intelligent Personal Radiation Locator (IPRL) advanced technology demonstrations, the Graduated Rad/Nuc Detector Evaluation and Reporting (GRaDER) program, and the Intelligent Radiation Sensing System (IRSS) testing.  SRNL can assist in developing iterative testing protocols to assess the accuracy of radiation detection and isotope identification instrumentation.

Radiation detection and the creation of new technology is vital to the security of public and private interests in our country.  From government facilities to sports venues to utilities, the need for technology detection is paramount.  The Savannah River National Laboratory is unique in its availability of numerous NIST-traceable sources, specialized nuclear materials, calibration equipment, location, and knowledgeable staff.  SRNL is able to assist in the development and testing of that instrument.  The Health Physics Instrument Calibration Laboratory at SRNL is the first Department of Energy laboratory to be accredited by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program as a Calibration Laboratory for Ionizing Radiation.  SRNL combines expertise and innovation for the testing and calibration of new technologies

Training Opportunities for Military, Law Enforcement, and First Responders

  • High Activity Radioactive Source Detection and Response Exercise
  • Facility Search for Radiological Sources Exercise
  • Chokepoint Screening Exercise
  • Post Detonation Radiological Dispersal Device Response Exercise
  • Radioactive Contamination Survey Exercise
  • Decontamination Exercise
  • Tactical Training Exercises
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