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F/H Lab

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Our Facilities - F/H Lab

The F/H Laboratory is the largest of the eight laboratories within the SRS Analytical Area Project with over 100,000 square feet of floor space, 20,000 square foot of lab space, and a staff of 164.  Building 772-F, with 25 active laboratories, is constructed of blast-resistant concrete.  Building 772-1F has 23 active laboratories and four shielded cells. Both facilities operate on a continuous basis.

Types of Samples Accepted:
The F/H Lab accepts both radiological and non-radiological liquid and solid samples for process, product, accountability, and criticality safety analyses.  The F/H Lab is also qualified to accept several types of Industrial Hygiene samples.  The facility operates under limits for radiological and fissile material based on the hazard categorization of the facilities (772-F is HC-2 / 772-1F is HC-3).  In most cases, High Alpha or Rad samples may be diluted in glove boxes or shielded cells for analysis in other facility locations.

Core Capabilities:

  • Chromatography - IC, GC (TCD/FID)
  • Classical Wet Chemistry
  • Electrochemistry - Coulometry
  • Radio Chemistry - Alpha, Gamma, LSC
  • Spectrometry - ICP-ES, ICP-MS, TIMS
  • Shielded Cell Sample Prep (High Rad)
  • Glove Box Sample Prep (High Alpha)

Unique Capabilities and Specialties:
The F/H Lab is the only American Industrial Hygiene Association - Laboratory Accreditation Program (AIHA-LAP), LLC accredited lab in the DOE complex for the analysis of Beryllium on wipes and air filters from radiological areas and has recently attained accreditation for the analysis of asbestos.

At F/H Lab, Controlled Potential Coulometry is used to precisely measure the concentration of plutonium and neptunium and is the instrument of choice for international nuclear accountability programs.

Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometers (TIMS)  provide “state of the practice” measurements for nuclear materials such as uranium and plutonium.




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