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High and Intermediate Level Shielded Cells

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Our Facilities - High and Intermediate Level Shielded Cells

The SRNL Shielded Cells Facility is a special containment facility that provide the shielding and confinement necessary for the safe examination, analysis and testing of highly radioactive materials.  Skilled operators stand safely outside of each cell and use manipulator arms to control delicate procedures inside of each cell.  The facility consists of sixteen 6x6 foot work stations that feature exterior walls made of three foot thick high density concrete with a stainless steel liner.  Each cell has a 3x3 foot shielding window made of leaded glass and filled with mineral oil for optimal viewing capability.

The Shielded Cells Facility is actively involved in a number of research and development initiatives in support of high-level radioactive waste (HLRW) management programs, such as the Savannah River Site’s Defense Waste Processing Facility (DWPF, which immobilizes HLRW in a stable glass form for permanent disposal), Salt Waste Processing Facility, Saltstone, and the closure of SRS’ radioactive waste storage tanks. The facility also supports other initiatives requiring the study or manipulation of highly radioactive samples and items.

High and Intermediate Level Shielded Cells
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