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Ralph James
Associate Laboratory Director

Environmental Science and Biotechnology

The Environmental and Biotechnology (ES&BT) Section mission is to develop and deploy integrated, science-based solutions to address current and emerging environmental issues.  Basic and applied research and development is performed across a wide range of disciplines including ecology, geology, health physics, and microbiology in an effort to provide the most appropriate interventions to preserve and enhance environmental health.  By integrating with disciplines across SRNL, the ES&BT section has been able to develop more cost-effective.  The extensive field work performed by researchers in the ES&BT section not only provides environmental characterization of SRS, but also provides a practical understanding of environmental issues and conditions under which proposed technologies will be deployed.  There are two groups in the ES&BT Section: Environmental Sciences and Biotechnology.

The Environmental Sciences group provides technical expertise and decision guidance for ecological and environmental characterization, risk assessment and mitigation, and site selection. These scientists and engineers work in the following broad disciplines:

  • Terrestrial, Wildlife, and Aquatic Ecology
  • Radioecology
  • Wetland Identification and Management
  • Dosimetry

The Biotechnology group specializes in characterization, development and deployment of biological processes for environmental cleanup and energy production.  This team of microbiologists, chemists, and engineers has extensive laboratory and field experience in environmental microbiology, microbial ecology, bioremediation, bioelectrochemistry, biomonitoring and bioanalytical chemistry.  A primary focus is determining the occurrence and impact of a wide variety of microorganisms on SRS nuclear operations, worker safety and environmental remediation.  Key thrust areas are:

  • Microbial Characterization
  • Applied Environmental Microbiology
  • Bioprocess Development
  • Biosecurity




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