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Science and Technology

Ralph James
Associate Laboratory Director

R&D Engineering

Mechanical Systems & Custom Equipment Development

Mission:  Provide unique one-of-a kind solutions to address a wide variety of customer needs from tools for operations in remote and hazardous environments to specialty apparatus supporting other SRNL researchers.

  • Automated system design and development for nuclear material handling
  • Tritium Facility fixturing and tool design
  • High Level Waste sampler development
  • Robotics, unmanned vehicles and crawlers
  • Safeguards mechanical design
  • Specialty tool/equipment design for operating in nuclear processes
  • Control Systems to support mechanical designs
  • Heat Transfer, Fluid Flow, structural/mechanical stress analysis and pressure protection analysis

Instrumentation & Electronics Development

Mission:  Provide custom solutions and optimizations of instruments, electronics, data acquisition systems, and the necessary software skills to make these systems functional for our customers.

  • High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Design
  • High Speed, High Fidelity Data Acquisition
  • Specialty Instrumentation
  • Secure Wireless Networking
  • International Safeguards
  • Printed Circuit Board Design and Production

Imaging, Robotics and Radiation Systems

Mission:  Provide image acquisition and analysis capabilities from a variety of energy sources including visible light, x-rays, neutrons, infrared, etc.  Provide engineering expertise for radiation detection and measurement equipment design and optimization.

  • X-ray System Development
  • Visible & Non-Visible Imaging Systems 
  • Digital Radiography/CT Imaging 
  • Imaging Software Development 
  • Radiation Detection Software Development 
  • Ultrasonic Testing Methodology Development & Interrogation 
  • Calorimetry System Development
  • Radiation Detector System Characterization and Testing


Design, Manufacturing, and Logistical Services

Mission:  Provide coordination of prototype fabrication and designer services along with the staff to support prototype equipment and apparatus delivery to the research and development customer base.

  • R&D Machining/Welding/Fabrication - Computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines, computer aided machining (CAM), classified machining, laser engraving
  • Designers - Computer aided design (CAD), 3D models, 2D drawings, printed circuit board layouts, mechanical/electrical layouts, animations
  • Rapid Prototyping - Subtractive and additive techniques, ABS plastic, high temperature thermoplastic, polycarbonate, translucent resin
  • Logistics - Procurement, shipping orders, material/equipment handling, mechanical setup, measurement and test equipment calibration coordination

Packaging Technology & Pressurized Systems

Mission:  Execute radioactive materials packaging design, analysis and regulatory support to SRS and the entire DOE complex, as well as provide pressure vessel, pressure systems, pressure protection expertise and associated test and evaluation services.

  • Type B and Fissile Radioactive Materials (RAM) Packaging Design & Development – Shielding, Criticality, Thermal, Structural
  • 10 CFR Part 71 Package Testing and Analysis
  • RAM Packaging Maintenance & Procurement
  • Packaging Certification & Training
  • Packaging Materials Development
  • Pressure Protection & Fluid Flow Engineering
  • Destructive/Non-Destructive Examination - Pressure and Leakage Testing



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