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Opening ceremonies of the Wind Turbine Drivetrain Testing Facility and Electrical Grid Simulator
Opening ceremonies of the Wind Turbine Drivetrain Testing Facility and Electrical Grid Simulator

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Secure Energy Manufacturing

Bond Calloway
Associate Laboratory Director

The Clean Energy Program consists of Renewable and Nuclear Energy Programs.

Renewable Energy includes projects that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions while addressing key national energy needs. Hydrogen, Natural Gas, Fusion Energy, Offshore Wind/Wind Drive Train Testing, Concentrated Solar Power, and Grid Simulation are all part of the research taking place at SRNL. SRNL’s Hydrogen Technology Center continues to advance clean fuels based on the hydrogen technology developed by SRNL over years of tritium research and production.

Nuclear Energy includes campaigns established by the Fuel Cycle Technology program: Separations and Waste Forms, Used Fuel Disposition, Nuclear Fuel Storage Transportation Planning Project, Fuel Cycle Options, and investigating technologies to address near-term and long-term objectives of the nuclear fuel cycle. SRNL features a core of expertise that maintain very active applied research and development programs for ongoing DOE missions to manage fuel cycle options, reprocess nuclear fuel, and dispose used nuclear fuel and high level waste. This rich heritage, along with existing facilities and ongoing programs, provide the foundation for SRNL’s result-oriented, science-based research and development for future commercial fuel strategies.

SRNL is leveraging its nuclear core competencies in Systems Integration and Enterprise Modeling, Material Science and Engineering, Integrated Chemical Process Development, Simulation Based Engineering and Science, Actinide Science and Radiochemistry, Environmental Science and Engineering and Separations Science and Engineering to develop and advance solutions in the Clean Energy Programs.



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