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Separations and Waste Forms
SRNL utilizes its expertise in nuclear chemical engineering, actinide chemistry and materials to support the DOE-wide Separations and Waste Forms (SWF) campaign with a broad range of projects, including characterization and development of various waste forms for geological disposal of nuclear waste from commercial reactors or reprocessing facilities, separation process technologies, fundamental thermodynamics and kinetics, and demonstration of new technologies in SRS large-scale facilities, such as H-Canyon.

Used Nuclear Fuel
SRNL provides scientific research and technology development to evaluate storage, transportation and disposal of used nuclear fuel and high level radioactive waste generated.  This campaign explores the potential R&D needs associated with the permanent geologic disposal of spent nuclear fuel and high level nuclear waste, and assesses the performance of used nuclear fuel (UNF) in dry storage. 

Nuclear Fuel Storage and Transportation Planning Project
SRNL support the Administration’s Strategy for the management and disposal of UNF and high level waste (HLW).   This campaign is to develop and begin implementation of an integrated management plan to provide interim storage; improve the overall integration of storage as a planned part of the waste management system; and prepare for the large-scale transportation of used nuclear fuel and high-level waste, with an initial focus on removing used nuclear fuel from shutdown reactor sites.

Fuel Cycle Options
SRNL provides support to the significant challenges facing the FCT program to justifiably focus R&D on technologies that would support development of sustainable fuel cycles.   This requires understanding of the characteristics of such fuel cycles, which can be obtained by evaluation and selection of a relatively small number of most promising fuel cycle options from the large number of possible options and to do so in a way that develops consensus among program participants and other stakeholders.  This campaign has that responsibility for developing the supporting approach and conducting the fuel cycle evaluation and screening to provide such understanding.

Tritium Production
SRNL utilizes its expertise in Systems Integration and Enterprise Modeling and Material Science and Engineering to identify new production and uranium utilization.  Utilizing the results of Texas A&M University (TAMU) senior design projects on tritium production in four different small modular reactors (SMR), the Savannah River National Laboratory’s (SRNL) developed an optimization model evaluating tritium production versus uranium.  The model is a tool that can evaluate varying scenarios and various reactor designs to maximize the production of tritium per unit of unobligated United States (US) origin uranium that is in limited supply. 



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