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Laboratory Directed Research & Development (LDRD)
Current Projects
FY18 New Start Projects  
Title PI Development of Direct Injection/Ionization Mass Spectrometry Methods for Whole Molecule Characterization Matthew Wellons
Smart Particle Collector with Real Time Spectroscopic Analysis Eliel Villa-Aleman
Hybrid Thermochemical Hydrogen Production Hector Colon-Mercado
Develop SRNL's ALGE3D code for use as national response asset Grace Maze
Oxyhydroxides on Aluminum Spent Nuclear Fuel: Formation Studies and Removal Practices to Prevent Radiolytic Gas Production Kathryn Metzger and
Roderick Fuentes
Thermomechanical Modeling of Hydride Materials for Tritium Storage Beds Katie Heroux
Gamma Imaging and Mapping Advancements Jean Plummer
Development of Novel Foaming Solutions for High Level Waste Processing Dan Lambert
Demonstration of Chemical Decladding and Disposition Options for Non-Al Clad Fuels in H-Canyon Michael Bronikowski
Metal-Organics-Framework Glasses as Rad Contaminant Sequesters and Nuclear Waste Forms Dien Li
Surface Plasmon Assisted Catalysis for Methane Conversion and Hydrogen Production Patrick Ward
Synthesis and Characterization of Environmentally Relevant Actinide Compounds to Aid in the Development of Novel Remediation Tactics Jonathan Christian
Gamma-Ray Raster Imaging with Robotic Data Collection Timothy Aucott
Innovative Plutonium Waste Forms: Acceptability to Ship to WIPP Mike Brisson
Semi-automated change detection workflow for overhead imagery Katie Salvaggio
Hyperspectral Raman Imaging using a Spatial Heterodyne Spectrometer Kimberly Fessler
Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy for High-Resolution Imaging of Hydrogen in Steel Alloys Andrew Duncan
Develop Isotopic Enriched Separations of Tritiated Water from Air Douglas Hunter
Quaternary Amine-Based Sodalite Sorbent for Selective Removal of Tc-99 and I-129 Johnbull Dickson
In-situ method development to identify radiological contamination in soils Tad Whiteside
Embedded Hardware Solution to Ensure Cyber Security of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Robert Barnett

FY18 Continuation Projects  
Ag-iodine Secondary Waste Stabilization: Multiscale Evaluation Daniel Kaplan
Power Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing of Distribution Solid State Transformer Controlling a Battery Energy Storage System at eGRID John Mcintosh
Dissolution of Used Nuclear Fuel using a TBP/n-paraffin Solvent Tracy Rudisill
Reduced Graphene Oxide as Filament Material for Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry with a Focus on Pu and U Analysis Joshua Hewitt
Room temperature Sieving of Hydrogen Isotopes Using 2-D Materials Dale Hitchcock
Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing Paul Korinko
Optimization of Handheld Gas Samplers Sheldon Nichols
Synchrotron-Based Microstructural Characterization Method Development for Pu Oxides Jacob Venzie
Cross-cutting high surface area graphene-based frameworks with controlled pore structure and dopants Jay Gaillard

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