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Session 1

EM Engineering & Technology Roadmap
(134 kB)

    Mark Gilbertson
Patricia Suggs
ORP Clean-up (1.5 MB)
Billie Mauss
Idaho Clean-up (3.41 MB)
Joel Case
WTP Project Status (3.80 MB)
Albert Kruger
Jim French
Session 2
Rick Raymond
Rudy Jolly & Noel Chapman
Michael Poirier
C Series Tanks ( 7.8 MB)
Blaine Barton
Rudy Jolly
Tank 16 Annulus (11.4 MB)

Quy Nguyen & Dennis Clark

Si Young Lee
Session 3
Rotary MicroFilter (8.3 kb) Michael Poirier
Crossflow Filter Testing (4.8 MB) Bill Brasel
In-Riser IX: CST or RF (1.2 MB) Dan McCabe, Tim Punch & Bill King
DOE Waste Chemistry (1.3 MB) J. S. Lindner
Waste Treatment Plant Glass Formulation
(2.4 MB)
Vijay Jain
WTP RF Testing (1.77 MB) Murray Thorson
Fractional Crystallization (2.4 MB) D. L. Herting
Wet Air Oxidation of Tank 48 (3.7 MB) Kofi Adu-Wusu
Session 4
High Pressure Technologies (5.6 MB) Blaine Barton
Sand Mantis Technology (122 MB) Noel Chapman
Heels and Pebbles (9.6 MB) Blaine Barton

S-112/S-102 (4.2 MB)

Blaine Barton
Session 5
Gene Daniel
Joel Case

Tank 51 Actual Waste AI Leaching
[Part 1 (226 kB) ] [Part 2 (1.35 MB) ]

Barbara Hamm & Mike Hay
WTP Al Leaching (786 kB)
Jacob Reynolds
Shekar Balagopal
J. F. Birdwell
Session 6
Aaron Staub
Modular CSSX Unit
[54.6 MB] [5.6 MB - low-res]
Earl Brass
Rick Raymond
Session 7
FT Profilometry (6.1 MB)
David Monts
SRS Digital Photography Upgrade (734 kB)
Drew Felinger
Pipeline Unplugging
[*700.9 MB] [1.6 MB - no media]
Rajiv Srivastava
Session 8
Tanks 25, 28, and 44 (11 MB)
Christopher Martino
Tank 5 Corrosion Studies (284 kB)
Bruce Wiersma
Risk-based Corrosion Control (256 kB)
Karthik Subramanian
Waste Tank Integrity for PA Support (311 kB)
Karthik Subramanian
Hanford Tank Corrosion (1.16 MB)
K. D. Boomer
Session 9
Independent Technical Review Process LL
(467 kB)
John Plodinec
Technology Development for Hanford Alternatives (323 kB)
Billie Mauss
Steven Thomas
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