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Ombudsman Program Policy
The Department of Energy and its management and operating contractors (M & O Contractors) engaging in technology partnership activities, share a mutual objective to ensure complete fairness in the transfer of federally funded technologies into the marketplace for the benefit of the U.S. economy.  This includes an interest in open lines of communication and the early identification of issues, complaints and disputes between contractors and their existing or potential partners.  The Technology Transfer Ombudsman Program provides an independent point of contact for concerns about technology transfer iSRS Signssues, complaints and disputes.  The mission of the Ombudsman Program is to elevate to the appropriate SRNS officials the information needed to identify and resolve problems thereby improving satisfaction with SRNS practices and reducing the occasion for formal disputes and litigation.  The Ombudsman will not be involved in the merits of cases that are the subject of ongoing dispute resolution or litigation, or investigation incidents thereto.  The Ombudsman is not established to be a super-administrator, re-doing what specialized officials have already done.  Rather, the Ombudsman is to ensure that appropriate SRNS officials consider all pertinent information when deciding the company’s position on a technology transfer complaint.  To request forms or acquire additional information contact: James Lovett, Jr., 803.952.9452 or

Last updated: April 3, 2014

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