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Examples of SRNL technologies available for collaboration (CRADA) and licensing.

Guidelines to Licensing Technologies
BioTiger Remote Electrical Throw Device
Engineers at SRNL have designed a new device for disconnecting electrical power. It allows the operator to perform the disconnect from a safe distance with reduced personal... MORE
BioTiger Magnetic Release Coupling
An engineer at SRNL has developed a magnetic release coupling that offers features unavailable in coupling technologies on the market... MORE
BioTiger InviziMark: Concealed Identification System
Engineers at SRS have devised new security measures and identification systems related to the protection of valuable property... MORE
BioTiger Elemental Mercury Probe
Engineers at SRNL have designed a new probe for the identification of elemental mercury in the subsurface using direct push techniques... MORE
BioTiger Environmental Biocatalyst - BioTiger™
A novel, surfactant-producing microbial consortia that remediates polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and heavy metals... MORE
MicroCED Microbial Based Chlorinated Ethene Destruction (MicroCED)
Scientists at the SRNL have discovered a new and innovative treatment for the decontamination, detoxification, and elimination... MORE
Boron-Structured Nano-Proportional Counter Boron-Structured Nano-Proportional Counters
Scientists at SRNL have explored the use of nanotechnology to improve the design of gas-filled proportional counters. The new... MORE
SmartLatch Acoustic Door Latch Detector (Smart Latch™)
A “smart” door lock for industrial and consumer applications has been developed by researchers at SRNL which uses existing state-of-the-art... MORE
SoundAnchor SoundAnchor™ Nondestructive Testing Method
The SoundAnchor™ method uses ultrasonic energy for volumetric assessment of subterranean tower anchor rods without unearthing... MORE
Microwave Off-Gas Treatment Microwave Off-Gas Treatment System
The compact and portable Microwave Off-Gas Treatment System is designed to remediate hazardous emissions from a wide... MORE
Ideas IDEAS Program (Individuals Developing Effective Alternative Solutions)
IDEAS is an easy-to-use database, comprehensive software program adaptable to any.... MORE
Hybrid Microwave Energy Hybrid Microwave Energy
Unique equipment and processes have been developed using hybrid microwave energy for the destruction of electronic circuitry and an assortment of waste streams, immobilization... MORE
Nanoparticle-Enhanced Ionic Liquids (NEILs) Nanoparticle-Enhanced Ionic Liquids (NEILs)
The incorporation of nanoparticles into ionic liquids, which can potentially increase thermal conductivity, forms suspensions known as...MORE
Groundwater & Wastewater Remediation Groundwater and Wastewater Remediation Using Agricultural Oils
A groundwater treatment technique that employs agricultural oils to stimulate endogenous microbes which accelerates the cleanup... MORE
Alpes Aerosol-to-Liquid Particle Extraction System (ALPES)
A new device uses electrostatic precipitation to collect and concentrate airborne agents in a liquid sample for onsite or laboratory analysis.... MORE
Double Coil Condenser Double Coil Condenser Apparatus
A Glass Technologist at the Savannah River National Laboratory has developed a glass condenser apparatus that allows the user.... MORE
In Situ Generation of Oxygen-Releasing Metal Peroxides In Situ Generation of Oxygen-Releasing Metal Peroxides
A new approach to the clean up of groundwater containing organic and/or inorganic contaminants involves the creation of in situ oxygen.... MORE
Lithium-Ion Battery Nanostructured Anodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries
New anodes for lithium-ion batteries have been developed that are reported to increase the energy density four-fold. Ongoing studies... MORE
Liquid Level Probe Self-Targeting Ultrasonic Liquid Level Probe
A new device has been developed to address a unique application involving the precise filling of drums containing hazardous liquids...MORE
MicroBlower MicroBlower
MicroBlower is a subsurface remediation tool that uses a small, low power vacuum blower to extract or inject gases into the subsurface for characterization or remediation... MORE
NAPL calculator NAPL Calculator
The NAPL calculator is software application that will determine if non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) contaminants are present in soil, groundwater, or soil vapor samples. The software will... MORE
Directed Spray Mast Directed Spray Mast
Engineers at SRNL have developed a remotely-operated tank cleaning device for precise, high-pressure spray for use in limited access.. MORE
Plasma Screen Floating Mount Plasma Screen Floating Mount
SRNL engineers have invented a new mounting system for flat panel video technology. The plasma screen floating mount is a mounting system proven to eliminate vibration and dampen shock... MORE
GeoSiphon GeoSiphon
Scientists at SRNL have developed innovative processes for groundwater remediation. Called the GeoSiphon, this process offers significant advantages over pump and treat systems... MORE
VZCOMML 4.0 VZCOMML©, Version 4.0
An analytical software application to simulate contaminant fate and transport through the vadose zone to groundwater, VZCOMML© (pronounced Vee-Zee-Com-M-L) is a one-dimensional.. MORE

Pella Drum Opener Pella Drum Opener
For a short video click HERE

An engineer at the Savannah River Site has developed and tested a tool that facilitates the opening of openhead steel drums... MORE
Human Factors Engineering Human Factors Engineering Analysis Tool
A new software tool enables the easy and quick selection of applicable regulatory guidelines as a starting point for human factors... MORE
BaroBall BaroBall™
Barometric pumping is a remediation technique that removes volatile contaminants
from soil in the vadose zone, above the water table The BaroBall™ control valve increases... MORE
Orangutank Orangutank™ (The Pipe Traveler)For a short video click HERE
A remote controlled, tethered robotic platform for traveling from one pipe to another using a network of vertical pipes for support. MORE >>
Railcar Switchman Platform Railcar Switchman Platform
Engineers at SRS have devised a new railcar switchman platform for enhanced safety of railroad personnel. The platform is designed to attach to the railcar ladder providing a stable... MORE
Passive High Temp Sealing Device Passive High-Temperature Sealing Device
This sealing device can be used to stop the flow of gas or liquid in conditions of sudden overheating and can act as a high-temperature... MORE
Dissolution Actuated Valve Sampler Dissolution Actuated Valve Sampler
Passively operated sampler eliminates cross contamination... MORE
RadRope RadRope™ Portable Nuclear Material Detection System
Using sensors arrayed linearly, this lightweight, portable system can detect the presence of nuclear materials in sealed containers...MORE


Nanocrystalline Separation Membrane for Improved Hydrogen Flux
New processeing technique that modifies perovskite materials by developing ionic... MORE
Platinum Crystal Highly Dispersed Metal Catalyst
A platinum catalyst material that exhibits higher dispersion qualities than catalysts used in commercial fuel cells. Better dispersion translates into improved activity indicating... MORE
bucky ball High Capacity Hydrogen Storage Nanocomposite
A new process was developed to add metal hydrides to nanocarbon structures to yield high capacity hydrogen storage materials... MORE
Haptic Seat Haptic Seat for Improved Fuel Economy
The Haptic Seat is a new method for providing feedback to drivers of vehicles in order to maximize fuel efficiency through improved driving... MORE
Vapor Phase Elemental Sulfur Amendment Vapor Phase Elemental Sulfur Amendment for Sequestering Mercury in Contaminated Soil
A remediation method to distribute elemental sulfur into contaminated soil to treat... MORE
H2O Cooling Towers H2O Cooling Towers as Environmental Collection Systems
Scientists at SRNL are working on new methods for environmental collection and monitoring systems to locate and identify chemical... MORE
Portable Breech Lock for Gloveboxes Portable Breech Lock for Gloveboxes      
For a short video click
An engineer at SRNL has developed a portable breech lock to improve sample... MORE
Authenticated Sensor Interface Device (ASID) Authenticated Sensor Interface Device (ASID)
Researchers at SRNL have developed a device to read data, encrypt the information and distribute it electronically to multiple locations... MORE
‘Tin Whiskers’ Suppression Method Tin Whiskers’ Suppression Method
Researchers at the SRNL have identified a treatment method that slows or prevents the formation of whiskers in lead-free solder. Tin whiskers spontaneously grow from thin... MORE
ProTec Tearoffs™ Protective Barriers ProTec Tearoffs™ Protective Barriers
SRNL has developed a multi-layered tear off system to serve as a protective barrier applicable to areas that require visual assess that... MORE
Tamper Indicating Bolt Tamper Indicating Bolt
Researchers at SRNL have developed a unique system to detect whether tampering has occurred in a container or compartment during storage or transport... MORE>>
BioTiger™: Biological Enhancement of Hydrocarbon Extraction BioTiger™: Biological Enhancement of Hydrocarbon Extraction
Scientists at SRNL have discovered a new environmental biocatalyst for improving the recovery of hydrocarbons entrained.... MORE
Biomass and Coal into Liquid Fuel with CO2 Capture Biomass and Coal into Liquid Fuel with CO2 Capture
A scientist at SRNL has developed a new and efficient process to produce biofuels from coal and other biomass. The new single-step... MORE
Portable Rapid Tritium Analysis System (PoRTAS) Portable Rapid Tritium Analysis System (PoRTAS)
Researchers at SRNL have developed a system and method to measure tritium and other beta and/or alpha particles in the field... MORE
Use of Titanium-Based Materials as Bactericides Use of Titanium-Based Materials as Bactericides
Working with the University of Washington School of Dentistry, new materials containing titanium
and a small amount of other metals can... MORE
Solid Oxide Reduction for Treatment and Recovery of Key Elements from Used Nuclear Fuel and Rare Earth Ore Deposits Solid Oxide Reduction for Treatment and Recovery of Key Elements from Used Nuclear Fuel and Rare Earth Ore Deposits
SRNL has developed a process for... MORE
Delivery or removal of metals from biological systems Delivery or Removal of Metals From Biological Systems
This technology could be used to deliver therapeutic doses of metal ions to diseased organs in humans and animals... MORE
Sulfur Accumulation Prevention In Membrane Electrode Assembly Sulfur Accumulation Prevention In Membrane Electrode Assembly
Hydrogen can be produced in a hybrid sulfur cycle that utilizes an electrolyzer cell that has both an anode and a cathode. The hybrid sulfur.... MORE
Researchers at SRNL have developed a system that tracks sensors or personnel in real time anywhereon earth. The system is designed to connect to a variety... MORE
CZT Radiation Detectors Modification of Solid State CdZnTe (CZT) Radiation Detectors
with a High Sensitivity or High Resolution Operation

Researchers at SRNL have discovered a way
of developing and progressing... MORE
Additive Manufacturing Serial Additive Manufacturing
Unique Serialization

Researchers at SRNL have developed a methodology to embed a unique serialization structure within... MORE
FILMS FILMS: Fullerenes Improved
with Light Modification for Superconductivity

SRNL is currently in the proof of concept stage with observed preliminary results... MORE


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