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SRNL-Led Research Program Receives International Honors
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Don Anton, who leads the Fundamental Safety Testing and Analysis program.AIKEN, S.C. (June 24, 2010) – A research program led by the U.S. Department of Energy's Savannah River National Laboratory has been honored by the International Energy Agency Hydrogen Implementing Agreement (IEA HIA). Fundamental Safety Testing and Analysis of Hydrogen Storage Materials and Systems, led by SRNL's Dr. Donald L. Anton, received the inaugural IEA HIA Project Prize for Fundamental Research at the recent World Hydrogen Energy Conference in Essen, Germany.

In announcing the award, IEA HIA Executive Committee Chairman Antonio G. García-Conde said: "The information developed by this project is crucial to the understanding of safety in solid materials for hydrogen storage. The IEA HIA believes that comfort with hydrogen is very important to the public, so H-25 (this project) represents a critical step in the development and introduction of hydrogen storage materials and systems."

The project is a collaboration among national laboratories, universities and corporations from four IEA HIA member countries – Canada, Germany, Japan and the USA. The project's goals are to improve hydrogen storage systems with respect to safety, and to test and evaluate the safety of materials used for hydrogen storage. The project addresses risk assessment, thermodynamics and chemical kinetics of materials, as well as risk mitigation and prototype systems. Significant project outcomes include development of a testing procedure methodology for hydrogen storage materials, actual safety-related testing of novel materials, and knowledge-sharing among experts.

The IEA HIA Prize was created in 2008 to recognize excellence in Research & Development and to foster international cooperation that contributes to the advancement of basic and applied hydrogen science. The IEA HIA was established in 1977 to pursue collaborative hydrogen research and development and information exchange among its member countries. Through the creation and conduct of some 30 annexes or tasks, the HIA has facilitated and managed a comprehensive range of hydrogen R&D and analysis activities.

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Last updated: October 28, 2011

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