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SRS Labs Plan to Work Together in Environmental Microbiology
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AIKEN, S.C. (Oct. 31, 2002) – The Savannah River Site's two research labs, the Savannah River Technology Center and the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory, are both well known for their work in environmental microbiology. In recent years, they have occasionally pursued joint projects, but the leadership of both labs knew that the labs and the site as a whole would benefit if they could make such collaborations easier.

That idea was the impetus behind a new cooperative agreement between SRTC and SREL. The agreement is intended to foster collaboration among environmental microbiology researchers from the two labs, leveraging resources and expertise from the two organizations to address environmental issues at SRS and across the DOE complex.

Together, they will explore funding opportunities, including funding from offsite organizations, that will enable both labs to benefit. "By calling on the resources and expertise of both of these well-respected institutions, we can develop proposals that are stronger than either lab could develop alone," said outgoing SRTC Director Susan Wood.

One way they will maximize resources is by sharing facilities and instruments. Both groups will be able to make use of SREL's greenhouse facilities, analytical instrumentation and radionuclide lab. In return, SRTC will share lab space and instrumentation in the Environmental Biotechnology wing of the new Aiken County Technology Lab.

The two labs hope that, by making it easier to collaborate, they will win funding for more joint projects like the study currently under way, which is looking at the role of melanin in cleaning up metals and radionuclides in the soil.

The Savannah River Technology Center is the site's applied research and development laboratory, supporting all of the site's program areas, as well as other Department of Energy sites. The Savannah River Ecology Laboratory is operated by the University of Georgia to provide an independent evaluation of the ecological effects of SRS operations.

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