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High-Level Waste Tank Structural Integrity Workshop




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Full Conference Proceedings


Welcome and Opening Remarks - Mike Terry (556 kB)

Overview of SRS SI Program - Bruce Wiersma (635 kB)

Reducing Risk and Uncertanties - Steven Krahn (67 kB)

Hanford's Tank Integrity Project - Kayle Boomer (2.9 MB)

Waste Tank ISI Summary - James Elder (1.7 MB)

Hanford Tank Corrosion Monitoring - Vanessa Anda (1.0 MB)

Thermal and Seismic Analysis - Mike Rinker (2.2 MB)

HLW Tank Seismic/Structural Analysis - Nick Kennedy (372 kB)

Stress Corrosion of Carbon Steel Weidments - Poh-Sang Lam (1.9 MB)

Fracture Mechanics - Bill Chao (8.54 MB)

Probability Based Corrosion Control - Hoffman and Zapp (395 kB)

Stress Corrosion Cracking in Salt Solution - Bruce Wiersma (1.4 MB)

Vapor Space and Liquid/Air Interfacial Corrosion - Karthik Subramanian (566 kB)

Hanford Corrosion Testing - Colin Scott (3.14 MB)