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The Department of Energy is hosting a Performance Assessment Community of Practice Technical Exchange on May 25-26 at the Atlanta Downtown Hyatt Hotel.

The Performance Assessment Community of Practice (PA CoP) is a forum that is open for all technical, management and oversight personnel interested in performance assessments (PAs) and PA-like analyses (e.g., risk assessments). The PA CoP is sponsored by the Office of Environmental Compliance in the US Department of Energy, Office of Environmental Management (DOE-EM). Specific goals of the PA CoP include: promoting improved consistency in the preparation of PAs and PA-like analyses across the DOE complex, fostering the exchange of information and lessons learned among PA practitioners, and developing appropriate guidance and providing assistance for PAs such that they are based on sound science and are defensible.

This technical exchange is the third in a series of PA CoP technical exchanges. Technical exchanges are used to provide a venue for practitioners, managers, regulators, and DOE oversight personnel to share plans and experiences and share ideas for future PA modeling. Topical presentations and discussions are directed at topical areas identified at previous exchanges and will emphasize sharing of lessons learned and experiences from modeling activities around the DOE complex.

Currently planned topics for presentations and discussions include:

  • DOE Headquarters Environmental Management Activities,
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission perspectives on the update to 10 CFR Part 61 and PA implications,
  • Targeted topical sessions on the role of models in regulatory decision-making and software quality assurance (including documentation of assumptions),
  • Examples of assessment applications and lessons learned, including Tank Closure, Waste Disposal, and Area Closure projects, and
  • Updates on the Advanced Simulation Capability for Environmental Management project and Cementitious Barriers Partnership.